In November 2013 Eaton Township purchased the Center Eaton Church, originally dedicated in 1881 and located on Narrow Lake Rd near Brookfied Road.  It was formerly a Methodist church but has not been used as a church since the 1990's.  It had been owned privately for over 20 years.

The church was added to the Michigan State Historic Preservation Office's registry in 1987.  The original Bell and bell tower are still intact as are the beautiful pews.  The Center Eaton Methodist Church's monogramed tableware for over 100 can still be used.  


Friends of Historic Center Eaton was established to preserve this building and to operate the Center Eaton Community Center.  For more information regarding the Friends of Historic Center Eaton, please contact:  Martha Lawrence 517-543-0709. 

Friends of Historic Center Eaton regular meetings are the first Wednesday of the month at 7 PM at the Center Eaton Community Center. Friends of Historic Center Eaton operate with bylaws and mission statement created by the board of members. These local volunteers have donated many hours and resources to help preserve the treasure we have in this historical building.

Get updates on our Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/friendsofcentereaton

The Friends of Historic Center Eaton have incorporated a rental policy.

Remarkable buildings provide a great asset to the community by promoting a place to relive history and establish new events, to create memories and relationship among neighbors.  This historical structure will bring awareness of past culture and help preserve historical information and artifacts.